Share and respect the license !

What’s wrong with Creative Commons picture sharing ?

Since twitter started supporting images in post, most clients now have the ability to display these pictures along with the post.

Adding a picture to a tweet increases clicks, retweets and favorites and will improve your social communication!

Unfortunately, your photos might not be good enough to illustrate your point, so you might want to use other people’s photos.

But sharing a creative commons usually requires attribution of the work you use and in some context, it means losing some precious characters.

Displaying the license information on the media brings a simple solution to that problem.

And so was born the Flickr Attributor

This webapp generates photos that contain the attribution and details of the licence at the bottom of it. Such as this picture:

Of course, there is no link, and not full identifier of the picture in the generated legend, and as specified the Creative Commons guidelines, “There is no one right way; just make sure your attribution is reasonable and suited to the medium you’re working with.” I’m including the CC icon, the author and Flickr mention and the photo title.

How do I use this ?

Flickr Attributor is a Web service which means it has no user interface. To generate a picture with attribution, you just need its Flickr identifier.

And you can get the image with its license. You can also use this bookmarklet Flickr Attribute on any flickr Photo page.

This gets you the “Medium” sized image. You can also request other sizes by appending a variable to the URL:

	"s" -> "Square",
	"q" -> "Large Square",
	"t" -> "Thumbnail",
	"m" -> "Small",
	"n" -> "Small 320",
	""  -> "Medium",
	"z" -> "Medium 640",
	"c" -> "Medium 800",
	"b" -> "Large",
	"h" -> "Large 1600",
	"k" -> "Large 2048",
	"o" -> "Original"

The result looks like

Sometimes, the version you’ll ask for won’t be available. If so, you’ll get a 404 error, and that’s life.

The result is cached for a while, but I’d appreciate if you downloaded the generated picture and use your own service instead of hotlinking it.

Everything is open source under the MIT License. It means you can browse the source on Github or run your own Flickr Attributor.

Get the sources, report issues and ask for features there.

This application is not endorsed by Flickr in any way. I’m using their API and a key as a regular API user.