How to build shell-fm on DS 210J

Needed Package

Checkout shell-fm sources

git clone git:// shell-fm<

Commands to run

alias cc=gcc
cd shell-fm/source<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o autoban.o autoban.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o bookmark.o bookmark.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o completion.o completion.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o feeds.o feeds.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o getln.o getln.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o hash.o hash.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o history.o history.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o http.o http.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o interface.o interface.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o md5.o md5.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o pipe.o pipe.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o play.o play.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ &nbsp;-c -o playlist.o playlist.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o radio.o radio.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o readline.o readline.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o recommend.o recommend.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o ropen.o ropen.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o sckif.o sckif.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o service.o service.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ &nbsp;-c -o settings.o settings.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o split.o split.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o strary.o strary.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o submit.o submit.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o tag.o tag.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o util.o util.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ &nbsp;-c -o xmlrpc.o xmlrpc.c<
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o select.o select.c<

ar -cvq libshellfm.a autoban.o bookmark.o completion.o feeds.o getln.o hash.o history.o http.o interface.o md5.o pipe.o play.o playlist.o radio.o readline.o remend.o ropen.o sckif.o service.o settings.o split.o strary.o submit.o tag.o util.o xmlrpc.o select.o<

Overwrite the libpthead library by the built-in one:

cp /lib/ /opt/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/lib/
gcc -o shell-fm -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ main.c -lmad -lao -lpthread -ldl libshellfm.a

Run shell-fm !

Once it is configured: (i use)

./shell-fm -D /dev/dsp4;t=17016