Build shell-FM on DS-210J

October 4, 2010
How to build shell-fm on DS 210J

Needed Package

Checkout shell-fm sources

git clone git:// shell-fm

Commands to run

alias cc=gcc
cd shell-fm/source
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o autoban.o autoban.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o bookmark.o bookmark.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o completion.o completion.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o feeds.o feeds.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o getln.o getln.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o hash.o hash.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o history.o history.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o http.o http.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o interface.o interface.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o md5.o md5.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o pipe.o pipe.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o play.o play.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/  -c -o playlist.o playlist.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o radio.o radio.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o readline.o readline.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o recommend.o recommend.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o ropen.o ropen.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o sckif.o sckif.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o service.o service.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/  -c -o settings.o settings.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o split.o split.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o strary.o strary.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o submit.o submit.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o tag.o tag.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o util.o util.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/  -c -o xmlrpc.o xmlrpc.c
cc -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ -c -o select.o select.c

ar -cvq libshellfm.a autoban.o bookmark.o completion.o feeds.o getln.o hash.o history.o http.o interface.o md5.o pipe.o play.o playlist.o radio.o readline.o remend.o ropen.o sckif.o service.o settings.o split.o strary.o submit.o tag.o util.o xmlrpc.o select.o

Overwrite the libpthead library by the built-in one:

cp /lib/ /opt/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/lib/
gcc -o shell-fm -Os -Wall -MD -W -I./include/ main.c -lmad -lao -lpthread -ldl libshellfm.a

Run shell-fm !

Once it is configured: (i use)

 ./shell-fm -D /dev/dsp4

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