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Welcome home.

I am a French engineer, whose expertise revolves around the server side and the infrastructure.

I enjoy working in smart teams on developers and general public tools and applications. My adaptability, good nature and strong sense of relationships along with my excellent technical skills allow me to blend, strenghten the bond and improve the team in which I work.

I'm also an occasional technical speaker. I've spoken about MongoDB in MongoDB as a log collection in 2011, and MongoDB vs MySQL, a DevOps point of view in 2012, with my friend Kali. I also speak for the French organization Brown Bag Lunch: You can reach me and I can deliver talks about Git or the Devops movement.

Furthermore, my hobbies include Salsa dancing (as a teacher for 3+y and a dancer for 10+y), Improvisation theatre as comedian and teacher (10+y), gaming and running...


The easiest way to contact me is via email: oct at zoy point org is one of my working email addresses.

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